1. Is this a Do It Yourself Service?
  2. How is this different from other Managed WordPress services
  3. If I cancel, can I take my site with me?
  4. Who creates my content?
  5. How do I restore a backup?
  6. Can I use my own Theme?
  7. Do I get analytics?


Is this a Do It Yourself Service?

No – not really.

You can still work on your site yourself if you choose, but this service was designed to minimize the amount of work you need to do yourself.

Many of our customers like to go in to make content changes by themselves and leave the heavier lifting to us. We love that!

If you are looking for a pure DIY service, contact us and we will be happy to provide some recommendations based on your particular needs.

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How is this different from other Managed Hosting services?

Most managed hosting services provide a valuable service by taking care of all of the back-end technical stuff for you. They handle things like:

  1. Testing and applying the latest WordPress updates when they are released
  2. Testing and applying the latest plugin updates when they are released
  3. Performing database and file backups and storing them on a different server than the one hosting your site
  4. Restoring your WordPress site from a backup if necessary

We do those things for you too. How we are different is we focus on helping you use your WordPress site to create a website that serves as the hub for all of your marketing activities – both offline and online.

Successful marketing demands a systematic approach. That is why we build Marketing Hubs using the principles of the world renowned Duct Tape Marketing System.

To our knowledge, we are the only managed WordPress service helping small business owners create a complete web presence using the Duct Tape Marketing System.

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If I cancel, can I take my site with me?


I have a very strong belief that your website is your website. This core belief played a key role in how this service was designed and the tools we select to deliver the service.

We go a lot further than just saying you can “export your data”. In our minds, that is not very helpful to most small business owners. So, if for any reason you decide that we are no longer a good fit for your needs, we will help you move your website to any other service that supports WordPress – free of charge.

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Who creates my content?

You do – but we help. How much we help is up to you.

We believe that in order to be effective, you must be involved in the creation of your content. You are the expert in what you do and how you do it; if you are not involved in the content creation process, your content is going to be generic and not reflect your talents and capabilities.

However, we also realize that most small business owners do not have the time and/or desire to create to create their own marketing content, so we offer several different levels of assistance:

  1. Show you how to use the tools to create and publish your own content
  2. Create the content with you.  This usually takes the form of having someone interview you and then creating content based on those interviews.
  3. Collect news about what’s going on in your industry  and work with you to explain how it affects your customers, your local market, etc.

We have several packages to fit your needs depending upon the type of content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.), publishing frequency, and other needs of your business.

How do I restore a backup?

Restoring your site (if needed) is a two step process:

  1. Call or e-mail us
  2. We restore and test your site for you

We realize that other services have a one-click restore. Whether it’s one click or five, restoring (and testing) your own website, particularly when it’s not something you do all the time (and if you are, we need to talk) is not a fun experience. We have yet to find a small business owner who ever wanted to restore own site. So if you do need to restore your site for some reason, just give us a call and we’ll handle it for you.

Can I use my own Theme?

Probably. In most cases, you will be able to use your own theme. However, every theme is different and we want to make sure that your theme will be able to support the functionality required for a fully functional marketing hub.

If you are considering purchasing a custom theme, contact us ahead of time and we will help you evaluate it to make sure it will fit your needs.

In some cases, we may end up building you a custom theme that has the look, feel, and features of the theme you want and also has the underlying structure that will allow us to deliver the level of service that meets our standards.

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Do I get analytics?

Yes, every marketing hub comes with Google Analytics integration. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet, we’ll help you set one up. Depending on your needs, we can also help you configure goals, create reports, interpret your analytics, and recommend action steps based on your analytics.

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